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Sakabe is an unusual place to get away from the crowded attractions that everyone knows. We will get to know the Antagnala ethnic group and immerse ourselves in their cultures

The final price will vary according to your wants ,however you can let us know your budget and your plan you have in mind and we will get back to you with the final price that fits your needs.

13+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Ivato, International Airports
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8.30AM
  • Return Time
    Approximately 7.30PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable and light

Tour Plan



Breakfast early in the morning, we will join the train station FCE and take the unique train to reach SAKABE. During the trip, you will cross the famous rainforest and admire the noisy waterfall on board, beautiful scenery of the east. Banana, bread, crayfish, nems, sambos, different types of fruits vendors are in each stops to sell their products.

We get off on the 7th train station TOLONGOINA; you will do 9 km of hike from the village. Sakabe people will welcome us in a warm way on our arrival.

Night in bivouac



In the morning we will take our first Atagnala breakfast in the quietness and hear the song of different birds and you will feel that you are far from the city life. Then we will visit the vanilla plantation and after we will participate with the joyful locals ploughing ricefield with the spade or zebu.

Lunch in the local people’s home, they will receive and prepare our food with smile and happiness, then we eat together with them.

In the afternoon, the Magnoby association will appreciate us with their unique culture which is not yet very known here in Madagascar, so you are lucky to attend this animation called MAGNOBY means being happy, and the TOLOGNA practiced by the men; it’s a traditional sport that seems like martial art Judo. It will end with a small party and we will dance together with traditional music with them.

Night in bivouac



Breakfast prepared by the locals, keep on exploring Sakabe by visiting the isolated public primary school of Malazamasina. We can participate to teach the pupils and this is the right time to donate what you bring for them such as copybooks, pens, pensils, rulers, books and so on …

Then, go to Famiha river surrounded by the evergreen vegetation and we will see and enjoy the sound of the waterfall from the rainforest, we can play water and swim.

Picnic on the rock of the river under the sound of the water

In the afternoon, go back to Ambatolahy fito where there is our campsite and can participate to prepare the local snack like Sambaika , banana chips, breadfruit chip, feta , traditional Malagasy cake wrapped in the longoza leaves or we can also fish in the pond and it could be our dinner.

Night in bivouac



After breakfast, we continue to visit the richness of Sakabe like the cinnamon plantation; cacao plantation and we can take some cinnamon bark during the visit for our afternoon tea. On the way, we will cross the banana and coffee plantation. Meanwhile, we will enjoy the typical Antagnala landscape.

Lunch in Ambatolahy fito.

 In the afternoon, go back to participate with the locals in their activities like  trampling the rice field or  planting cassava, rice pounding, weeding rice , transplanting rice and so on… Depends on the circumstances.

Last animated evening by MAGNOBY ASSOCIATION dedicated for us and they will tell us VELOMA “bye bye “by their traditional song.

Night in bivouac

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